To achieve our goal of being a resource for all schools in the Roseville City School District, we've developed two funding programs. Read more below. 

Partners in Education (PIE) Fund


Partners in Education (PIE) promotes innovation in the classroom through teacher, grade-level and academic department grants. Every year teachers from all school sites submit grant proposals designed to inspire and motivate their students and advance the use of cutting edge curriculum.

Our PIE Fund provides a financial resource to teachers for innovative academic and enrichment programs like science nights, field trips, musical productions and much more. In addition these grants can also go directly into the classroom, providing students with hands-on access to the latest developments in math and science. They also support our language arts, physical education and social science curriculum.


At a time when districts and schools across California struggle to maintain basic programs the PIE Fund allows us to help preserve and enhance Roseville’s public schools’ exemplary standing.

Endowment Fund


Building a permanent Endowment Fund is the best way to provide the Roseville City School District (RCSD) with a long-term and stable source of financial assistance. Endowment fund assets typically consist of cash, securities, equities or property given to a foundation with the condition that the principal be maintained in perpetuity . Until the Endowment Fund assets reach a total of $500,000 there will be no distribution of income. Once this goal is reached a percentage of the fair market value of assets in the Endowment Fund will be used to supplement PIE grants and/or other projects or initiatives in the RCSD. The creation of the Endowment Fund ensures the Foundation can continue enhance, expand and enrich the education of each child in the RCSD, despite the ongoing fluctuation and mandated restrictions in state funding.

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