The goal of our all-volunteer organization is simple: to be a resource for all schools in the Roseville City School District and make a difference to the children in our community. Our vision is to engage you and others in our community with helping us make our schools the best place to learn for our children.

Please take a moment to learn about the ways we support our schools, as well as how you can help. Together we will make a difference!

Our Mission


The Roseville City School District (RCSD) Foundation is a community-based organization whose mission is to enhance, expand, and enrich the education of each child in the Roseville City School District. Our vision is to engage the entire community to participate in realizing this mission.

Our Organization


Established in 2005, the RCSD Foundation was created to assist the district with providing the means to enhance, expand, and enrich the education of all Roseville children. Our Board of Directors is a team of volunteers who are parents, staff, business and community leaders. We share an ongoing passion and commitment to a high standard of education in Roseville.

How We Differ From Parent Teacher Clubs


There are active and committed Parent Teacher Clubs (PTCs) at each RCSD school who raise substantial funds to supplement essential programs and services and provide enrichment opportunities at their specific school sites.

Like a PTC, the Roseville City School District Foundation is a community-based, volunteer organization. However, the Foundation represents every student district wide. Our goal is to promote academic excellence, champion innovation in teaching, and provide sustained financial support to the entire district.

We actively seek donations from the entire Roseville community – families, staff, businesses and community organizations. We raise funds through an annual giving campaign, fundraising events, grants and donations. Funds raised benefit all schools through our Partners in Education (P.I.E.) Grants and Music Education Partnership with the Roseville City School District.



Meet Our Board

The RCSD Foundation Board is made up of parents, professionals, business and community leaders who are committed to the education of every child in Roseville. All board members volunteer their time and talents to further the mission of the organization.

Renee Perez

Vice President

DVS Residential Appraisals

Ryan O'Keefe

Board Member

Westpark Communities

Karen Sakala

Board member

Sutter Health

Geoff Goolsby

Board Member

The Goolsby Group

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Justin Caporusso


Caporusso Communications..

Derk Garcia


Superintendent, Roseville City School District

Tracy Mendonsa

Board Member


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Jeff Willoughby


California Department of Fish & Wildlife

Alisa Fong

Board Member

Member, Roseville City School District Board of Trustees

Donna Sangwin

Board Member


Julie Hirota

Board Member

St. John's Program for Real Change

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